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The Effects of a Flood on Your Home

8/7/2019 (Permalink)

Most people believe fire can cause the most damage to their home. However, water damage can be just as costly and devastating to your home as fire damage. One flood can ruin your home forever, especially if your home does not undergo proper water damage restoration after being flooded. Floods can damage your home both cosmetically and structurally.

Most floods occur during storms, such as hurricanes, or during the spring time when the snow melts. However, many homes are flooded by over run sewage systems or other human caused floods. These types of floods enter your home from the outside. The flood water seeps through your walls causing damage to your drywall, insulation and even your electrical systems. If your home is not properly repaired after this type of damage it will most likely start to grow dangerous mold inside the walls. Your home may also start to smell due to the water damage.

Wood frame homes that have been flooded may also start to have structural damage. Wood frames that have been saturated with flood water may start to warp and rot, leading to costly repairs and permanent damage to your home.

After your walls have been damaged by flood water you will most likely have to remove the drywall and insulation and replace them with new materials. If your walls were textured, you will have to retexture your walls before repainting them. Flooding can also damage the outside of your home as well. The outside walls of your home may need to be resided, retextured or have the stucco replaced.

Once the flood water has made its way inside your home it begins to damage your flooring. Carpets will become saturated and, if they are not restored properly, will have to be replaced. However, if carpets are restored and dried properly by a water damage restoration specialist, they may be able to be salvaged. But remember, it's always best to discard carpet that has been affected by water not considered to have come from a clean source. Any baseboards you have in your home will also most likely need to be replaced after they have come into contact with flood water.

Other types of flooding such as toilet overflows, will start to damage your home from the inside. However, in cases of extreme flooding, these types of flooding can also damage your walls.

Floods can also cause damage to any cabinetry in your kitchen or bathrooms. Cheaper quality cabinets made from particle board will usually have to be replaced because they will fall apart. Appliances that touch the floor such as dishwashers, stoves and washing machines may have to be replaced due to flood damage as well.

It is important to remember that while many people think of flood water as just being water, it has much more in it. Flood water is filled with chemicals, dirt, human waste and debris that can find its way into your home if it is flooded.

The best way to save your home and prevent costly repairs after it has been flooded is to call a licensed water damage restoration specialist. A good water damage restoration company will act quickly to prevent further damage and return your home to normal.

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